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Example Integration

Build secure and scalable custom apps for Online Booking. Our flexible API provides many options for availability and booking.

create booking flows

Capture Bookings

Bookings are captured directly from the review website.

convert bookings

Connect With API

Calls are made to OnSched API to get availability and confirmation.

track bookings

Notify Vendors

The companies booked are notified and it is synced to their calendars.

See how integrated OnSched into their directory in order to power their bookings, and increase their revenue by 6% in the first year.

Use Case provides a wide variety of software solutions for any size of business. Search by category and take a look at customer reviews from all over the world. Select products to compare side by side, and when you're ready to learn more about a product book your demo right from the directory.


The integration with OnSched was done using two core concepts: Brand Consistency and Automation. A booking flow was created to fit the design concept, then API calls were made in order to pull availability from all of the vendors, straight out of their Google and Outlook Calendars.

The Result

When a demo is booked from, an appointment is created in OnSched's admin portal, then automatically routed to the vendors' sales teams by text-message and email notifications with an enriched lead report then synced directly into their Google or Outlook Calendars

Performance & Scalability

As a source for business software advice it is important for to keep growth and scalability in mind. OnSched is able to provide a platform that can scale up as they grow the number of our vendors without any loss in speed or performance.

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